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Dec. 19th, 2013 06:04 am Oppa Through the Years

Chapter 1.

Burrr…damn it was cold outside..i hate the cold. Nothing fun ever came from it. At least for me. Dry skin, and chapped lips..a girl’s nightmare.

Getting to work this early in the morning, i shouldn’t really care…I just wanted my coffee. One more step and I’ll be near the counter, one step away from being awa—UFF! “Ow! Hey, watch were you’re going!” Gah I swear, people needed to get out of Suzilla’s way, if they knew what is good for them. “Sorry, are you ok?” Rubbing my cold, sore nose I turn to glare at the flesh of wall between me and my destined coffee. Holy shit, was I being delusional? I knew I had fantasies of Donghae but for it to be this real..no way.

“Excuse me, you ok?” I must be dreaming….yeah had to be it. “Um…yeah. Do I know you?” “Probably…or not.” and he smiles at me and i just blink. I begin looking around me. No way was he here alone in NY. If he was, there are sure to be fans around…wait i didn’t even know he was in town. I checked twitter this morning. “You couldn’t be…Donghae?” I whispered making sure no one but him heard me. “BINGO!” He smiles even more as if i’ve made some huge discovery…okay, I had…and so had the girls across the street who’s camera’s flash i notice.

Girls can sometimes be scary…especially a large group of girls. “Um, shouldn’t you be..you know..not alone?” He leans in towards me and whispers “I”m on vacation…alone.” What the….just because this wasn’t South Korea, it didn’t mean there weren’t crazy fans around lurking in NY. “Well that might change when those group of girls reach here in less than two minutes.” I point in the direction of the streets. He looks calm and even waves at the girls, at which causes several screams and squeals.

The girls are now crossing the street. “Well I guess this is my cue to leave.” I nod and watch him leave. In less than two minutes the girls descend upon me. “Omg, what did he say?” “Did you get his autograph? I’m so jealous!” “Was she as hot in person?!” It is at this time that i remember what I was here for…SOME FUCKEN COFFEE! “I’m sorry, but i have to get to work.” I move pass the girl girls and order my coffee while i think through what just happened.

I had just met my Kpop Bias and didn’t even get proof i was with him…how stupid was i? But he did smell great…i can still faintly smell him…what time is it?..8:03 am..fuck i’m late to work..ugh! I look around and find that my coffee had arrive and i quickly pay and dash to work. Great, i was never late! Could this day get any better?

Chapter 2.

I couldn’t press the elevator button any harder that i already was. Mother effing…ugh hurry up!!! I was late to work for the first time and I had no proof as to why i was late except for my coffee, which was cold by now.

Once on the 30th floor, i run to my desk and grab the folder i needed for today’s photo shoot. I was the assistant to David Galion, a rising graphic designer who made it his mission to do all his work in person. Today was a photo shoot for one of his advertising magazines. Like usual, he liked to be there in person for the shoot.

With the stealth of a train, i barge through the studio room. “Ah! There she is! Where have you been?! Everything has been on hold. Where is my list?” Quickly I hand him my folder. “Sorry, it’s here. I ran into some—thing on my way here.” David ignores my response and flips though the folder. “Here we go. This is him, #13 Donghae from South Korea.” I drop my cold coffee, earning a glare from David. “What did you say?” “Clean that mess before it stains your tights!” Once again, I’m ignored by David. Doing the most logical thing, i look around and surely enough, Donghae is in the makeup area getting his makeup done.

How could I have not seen this? I knew we had a model coming from South Korea, but didn’t think twice about the name. It should have hit me when I saw him at the coffee shop, but he said vacation. “Ahem—Su, perhaps you should change to this, I don’t think the coffee stains will come out of your tights.” Eric, the dresser and good friend, hands me a new pair of lacy tights. I nod and make a dash to the bathroom to change..and to calm down before i hyperventilate. Keep cool…and change your tights! What would take me 5 minutes takes me 15 to just change into my tights.

Soon i’m back at the studio hovering beside David as he hands me the list and i begin making notes of what he wants me to take notes of, such as “Looks better in plaid, reds, and leather” I roll my eyes and think “I could have told you that about Donghae” but who am i to make statements i’m merely the assistant in training. “Su, can you go get the studded red coat and put it on him?” too busy with my own internal thoughts, that i forget about what i’m doing until i hear “Hey, it’s you!” Shit…how did i forget i was dressing Donghae?

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Aug. 5th, 2012 10:11 pm More Than Just being Drunk

Friday nights often left me drained of life and on days like this, it was best to get wasted as much as possible while partying at the club.

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Jul. 24th, 2012 01:45 am Let's Party Tonight!

It has been a while since i did a skit like this...but eh why not? tell me what you think okay?

Suju decides to go out for a day:

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none of the pics or gifs are mine, just found them around the internet.

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Nov. 29th, 2010 08:42 pm Behind the Music: Girls/Boys Not So Adored Part 4

<[ Asu ]> says:

Minnie sits down in a corner and begins eating (his form of comfort) as he begins to plot what to do to get Kyu back

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Oct. 26th, 2010 09:55 pm NoMinWoo!

A new wallie since...ages lol

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Oct. 22nd, 2010 08:17 pm Hae and Kpop Withdraws

I've been busy so much these past few weeks that i've not really had time to look up pics of Hae or macros of kpop artist..even on deviantart i have 2500+ pics to still look through >.< but today is friday and i've not been all that busy today so i got my dose of Hae and kpop in general (mostly suju). lol so enjoy all the silly or sexy stuff i found.

we start off with No Min Woo who has been too sexy as of late..keke


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Oct. 13th, 2010 10:34 pm Kyu Affair

Kyu Affair

It’s one thing to look at one person and touch them w/loving caress, but an entirely different thing if your taken. While on my epic quest for Kyuhyun pics I’ve stumbled along a few that let me wonder why I have high hopes of a non-dramatic KyuMin love. Oh, there are so many reasons Minnie should just dump Kyu’s ass at the side of a road and say “enough,” but we all know Minnie is too nice to do that, even to someone who is such a player. Kyu…you lucky beastly maknae for having the love of Minnie. The first pic I get an impact from is this one:

All I think is, whoa..he’s at work again! Only this time, he does it so subtlety that it looks like Minho was the one attacking him, but we all know Kyu is the mastermind behind all this! He is always provoking those around him w/his sly



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Sep. 19th, 2010 10:29 pm Oops and in public too, keke

just had to, keke

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Sep. 18th, 2010 12:49 pm Writer's Block: Fall Footwear

Are you a boot person or a shoe person? Why?

boot person, they just seem so much cooler and makes ass kicking so much more fun and less harmful on the foot. haha 

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Sep. 12th, 2010 05:31 pm Macros! Read and laugh!

Silent Wrath: 

word of advice..don't ever forget your maknae's birthday...especially if you are the leader. xD

If you forget your maknae's birthday...suffer the consequences...

Leeteuk hates hugs from girls....

...because they reveal his perverted side...xD

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